Tuesday, May 30, 2017

MURPH 2017 - Life's Curveballs

Monday 5/30/17

I will start with the positive...

I did MURPH yesterday in honor of all the fallen service men and women that have given the ultimate sacrifice.  It was the best one so far. 1 word...PROGRESS.

last year I did it, it took me 66 min and some change.  THIS YEAR I completed it in 62 mins!! So almost 5 mins faster.  Per usual the run probably slowed me the down the best.  I will say, my 1st mile was pretty good.  11 min and some change. UNDER 12 minutes!  For me that is great.

I was able to knock out the pull ups...which was the one movement I was scared of.

It went well...I am happy.

Friday, April 7, 2017

It has been awhile - LONG TIME LONGISH POST

Happy Friday...today is 4/7/2017.

I felt the need to blog because since the beginning of the year there was been much growth and much GAINZ.

I am now at a brand new BOX and the training and coaching have been great. I am just going to post my new numbers as a self reminder so I can go back and look at these.

BACKSQUAT - 400lbs - previous 375lbs

DEAD - 455lbs - previous 445lbs
BENCH - untested previous 325lb  - no way I can hit this now. I need to train to get the numbers back to even 315. ugh...

SNATCH - 135 previous was an UGLY 115lbs but my snatch as improved soooo much in the last couple months

CLEAN - power only...185lbs unchanged
SQUAT CLEAN - 135lbs and it is UGLY...still no front rack.  Slowly getting better but not enough to do it well.


OHS - 185lbs

Current BW is hovering 230-235lbs

Still a fat ass,,,,

Monday, January 2, 2017


WOW...I have not blogged in a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG TIME.

I know I have lagged...I have been just busy and not inspired to blog. I have been just trying to get through work and training.  Been tough.

For this year...I have a couple of resolutions or just goals for self improvement.

Here is a quick list...probably more for me, to keep myself accountable.

I have to be a better and read the books I have here. I promise to read more!

Had some things come up at work that I need to work on.  So I am focused on working on what I need to do.

part 1 of the GET OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE and LEARN A NEW SKILL.  My good friend is going to teach me!

yeah...same as above.  Plus a great way to meet ladies! HA!

continue learning and training and be a better coach to others.

Nice and simple.  I will try to add more to the blog and not really plug in all my workouts.  That seems kind of boring...so...I wont do so much of that.

Happy New Year!!!