Monday, July 18, 2016

07172016 and 07182016 WODs

Again, I know I have been lagging.

7.16 I went to the NIKE House of Metcon event.  I did a 20 min partner WOD there.  I will have to post about it later on a different post.  I want to post the images.

SUNDAY - 07172016
Sunday Skwaat Day
Warm up and Stretch

Empty Bar x 10 (2)
135lbs x 5 (2) via tempo
155lbs x 5
185lbs x 5
225lbs x 5
265lbs x 3
285lbs x 3
315lbs x 3
335lbs x 1

Went to the back did some tire flips and sled pushes

50m Tire Flips x 2
50m Empty Sled Push x 2

MONDAY - 07182016
Great Workout Today!

3 x 10
Wall Squat
Sit Up
1 x Bear Crawl
100m Overhead Plate run @ 25lbs

400m x 4
1 min Rest in between laps
*I "cheated" and only rested 30 sec
13:40? I forgot the exact time.

25 x Box Step Ups @ 24"
15 x Cleans @ 115lbs
25 x Box Step Ups
10 x Snatches @ 115lbs

DONE L3 = 20:34


Pretty happy.  The Box Step ups were very slow for me.  I was able to knock out my cleans 10 + 5 and the snatches 5 + 5.  I am sure I can complete both movements under a minute.  So...basically the rest of my time was the box steps.  I just have to take my time going up and down.  I am a heavier more fluffy dude so I am no able to bounce back and down. So yeah...but a great workout indeed.  Today is one of those rare occasions where the WOD is good.  Loved it.

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