Thursday, June 16, 2016

06162016 WOD


3 x 10
Squats, Jumping Jacks, Lunges


Bench Press
275# for the single.
Again, I dont like to max out so early in the morning so I chill.  But for ego reasons I like to hit a weight the rest of the gym has to chase for the rest of the day! HA!

400m Run

10 x Clean and Jerk @ 135lbs as Rx
DONE - 14:48

So I wanted to finish under 15 minutes as that would mean under 5 min a round. I know the C&J would be easy it was the run I was worried about.  I am able to keep to my pace of a brisk walk along the short length and run the long length. I did this during MURPH and it seemed to work well. I get enough rest to run the long at a good pace and make up some time.

The new bumpers also helped as they dont bounce around so it is easy to cycle singles one after another. I can crank out 10 pretty easy. I would say under a minute each one.  So if I can run a 3 min 400m I can be done under 5 min every round.

Not bad...I felt good this morning for sure.  I have not went Rx in a concentrated effort to move better.  Get my cardio and endurance up. Lighten the weight and move better.  So today going Rx was a first in about 6 weeks.  It was a perfect combination of just enough weight and just enough running.

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