Thursday, May 12, 2016

05092016 Monday and 05122016 Thursday WOD

I cannot believe I forgot to post on Monday.

05092016 WOD
Memorial Tribute WOD

Awareness through fitness I am not mad at that...

Marianne was a 14 year old girl who killed herself on 4/24/16 (notice the rep scheme) due to bullying.  We need to stop it...and if I can do this WOD in her memory I am all for it.

I did it Rx and finished 4 rounds.

05122016 - WOD
Today was kill your legs day..

Warm Up
3 x 10 - squats, scorpions and jumping jacks

Back Squat triples
worked to 225 and chilled doing paused on the  bottom.

Goblet Squats @ 44lbs
Box Jumps
Lunges w plate @ 35lbs

DONE - @ L3  - 13;15

legs were LIT afterwards....I will feel it for sure...tonight and tomorrow!

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