Tuesday, April 26, 2016

04262016 Tuesday WOD

Warm Up
3 x 10
Squats, Sit Ups, Lunges

Back Squat 4 x 3
*3rd rep pause for 3 sec

4 Rounds
4 Mins of Work
20 x Wall Balls
30 x Goblet Squat
Max Cal Row
1 min rest
*Only the cals count

I got 50 cals total.

1st - 22 cals
2nd - 12 cals
3rd  - 0
4th - 16 cals

Ugh...I went L3 @ 16lb med ball and 53lb KB.  I was gassed on that 3rd round. I had to re compose myself and pushed the 4th and final round where I went unbroken on the WB.  Pushed through the goblet squats and tried to catch up on cals.  Ehh...

So the question...since only the cals counted...should I have sandbagged more and went L2? Crossfit L1 instructors say yes and no.  YES on some days...and NO on others.  What was my goal?  If I am to stay on this endurance baseline maybe I SHOULD OF WENT LIGHTER?  Hmmm...The wall ball was too light, I did feel like I was somewhat cheating.  I always use a 20lb ball...so using a 16lb was a tad light.  The KB I was no way using a 70lb KB so...53lbs was the right weight.  That is what swayed my decision.  If Rx was 53lbs I would of went 14lb ball and a 44lb KB.

Different ways to skin a cat....I am disappointed I missed a whole round.  So using that as a measure I should of went lighter I guess.  More learning...learn every day.

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