Friday, April 15, 2016

04152016 Friday - What I Needed

Today's workout is what I needed...I did not WANT it...and I was ready to QUIT...I has hurting.

3 x
250m Row
10 x squats
10 x scorpions
10 x push ups

5 x 7 Squats
LIGHT...went super light and focus on depth and movement.  I needed this. I basically used the skill as a warm up.

4 x Hill Sprints

YES...this sucked so bad. I would run walk up that hill and my lungs were burning and out of breath. I am happy I wore my compression tights.  NO leg cramps, NO shin splints.  The 3/4 length VIRUS tights did the job as the should.

I am glad we did it. We got to go outside and work something we dont usually get to do.  I hated it...,but I know I needed to do it.


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