Tuesday, April 12, 2016

04122016 Tuesday WOD - Failing

I am falling apart!

3 x 10
Jumping Jacks

10 min total
1 min Max Cal Row
1 min Rest

Front Squats
400m Run

DONE - 19:30 @ L1 = 75#

So the new strategy was go LIGHT so I can keep moving and build up my endurance base.  eeeh...not so great this morning. The first set was easy enough, 11 and 10 for the cleans and front squats. I went for the run and it was OK.  I got in for the round of 15 and my lower back for REAL TIGHT.  I plugged  through and when I got out to run...that was all she wrote. I basically walked the whole 400m. My back was killing me.  I dont even know what happened. I pride myself on having a good back...but this was a CORE issue...I probably did not warm up enough and did not control my breath.

KEY was breathing. Since the weight was so light I think I just flung it around and did not brace my gut and strained my lower back and core. I know I did not use my hips...I kind of just muscled everything...and paid for it on the run.  At this weight I should of finished this WOD under 15 mins.  But instead...walking around the block 2xs was no bueno.

I am old and falling apart....

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