Monday, April 11, 2016

04112016 Monday WOD

3 x
250m Row
10 x Squats, Sit Ups, Scorpions

Backsquat - I ran out of time and just hit 225 for 3
*basically a warm up. I need more time to really squat. I usually take 1 hour for a full session.  #sundaysquat day

20 Minute AMRAP
2 rounds of CINDY
5 x Pull Ups
10 x Push Ups
15 x Air Squats
+ 200m Run

I completed 4 rounds and 5 pull ups

I tried to run most of the 200m, of course that was what slowed me down. Everything else was un broken. Rx pull ups unbroken...Hand Release push ups...and my mediocre squats.  It was OK.

I did not feel as winded but the run just drains me...even at just 200m. But I did run more than usual. So baby steps.

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