Monday, April 4, 2016

04042016 Monday WOD

I missed a couple workouts...I just been busy and/or lazy to post them...

Went in and did a half ass was not great.

Then did 25 clean and jerks at 135lbs for fun...wanted to check my "Grace" time but stopped at 25.

SUNDAY 4/3 Squat and Bench Day
Finally got to properly squat heavy.

Worked to a 345 x 1 for 2.
hit 315 x 2 and decided to go up.  Not a PR but I will take it...

Warm Up
3 x
10 x squats
10 x jumping jacks
1 x bear crawl

Tabata Sit ups

Karen + Helen
75 x Wall Balls
3 Rounds for Time
400m Run
21 x Kettlebell Swings
12 x Pull Ups

I went L3..used a 16lb ball and 44lb KB.  Pull ups were as Rx.  Did not make time cap of 25 min..

I am going to experiment this month during my metcons and go L3 or L2 and just push to finish the wod.  I need to work on my cardio/engine. I am now way too lopsided even for my own liking.  What is the use having a 400lb dead, 315 bench and 345 squat if I cannot even run around the block I am going to see how it goes...going lighter and keep moving and work on muscle endurance.  Wish me luck...

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