Thursday, March 31, 2016

03312016 Thursday WOD

The Struggle is ALWAYS REAL!!!

3 x
250m Row
10 x Wall Squat
10 x Sit up
10 x Push Up

EMOM 8 min
6 x Lunges
I used 55lbs...
*still dont have a front rack...had to use powerlift style and it was not great.

4 Rounds For Time
20 x Kettlebell Swings @ 53lbs
20 x Med Ball Cleans @ 20lbs
20 x Box Jumps/Step ups @ 24"
200m Run

DONE - 22:44 - *I think...I dont have my notebook as I am writing this.  I know it was in the 22 mins though.

The KBS was unbroken...I am good with that movement.  MB Cleans I broke up into sets of 10 when my back was getting tight and being gassed from the run.  Box step ups are just a chore I just have to grind and the run was basically a walk.


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