Monday, March 28, 2016

03282016 Monday WOD

No weekend workout...

I did 16.5 on Friday night.  Not great...36:52 which is an improvement because in 2014 I didn't even finish it. I think I got to 18 reps and quit.  So..yeah.

Here is what today looked like...

3 x 10
Jumping Jacks
Sit Ups

EMOM 7 mins
4 x Clean and Jerks
as Rx @ 135lbs


5 Rounds For Time
400m Run
15 x Overhead Squats @ 95lbs
as Rx - DONE - 22 minutes

The run kills me everytime...and although I can do OHS, I need A LOT of time to warm up.  Basically my last 15 looks BETTER than my 1st 15.  I need to loosen my hips and ankles and shoulders need to warm up.  So my last 5 reps were probably my best ones.

It was bad.  Working out in the morning has a few draw is not being 100%.  You are just too tired and just out of bed.  Not the best conditions.  I take a PWO and it helps me but yeah it is hard to get into the groove.  Your body is just not ready for 100%.  I have to adjust...every day is an adjustment.

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