Saturday, January 9, 2016

Air Zoom Flight 95 - Jason Kidd P.E.

OK...this is not a super hyped shoe...and I don't care.

Here is the AIR ZOOM FLIGHT 95 in an OG Colorway and what is also known as the "Alien Eye"


This is from the Jason Kidd Career Pack that was released on December 2012.

I was able to pay retail for this completely deadstock pair.  I am in love...



So why is this shoe so special to me? As you all I a basketball fan? NO.  Am I a Jason Kidd fan? NO.  And I even a fan of this particular sneaker? eeh...nope.  BUT...

I have a distinct memory of being at the local 1995 and buying these shoes. I have few memories of actually buying shoes...and this is one of them. I remember being so happy and proud to have the cool ALIEN EYE pair of Zoom Flights!  Man...this shoe pulls at my heartstrings. Air Trainers, Air Maxes and these pairs...I have memories and its just makes me feel good.

These shoes just brings me to that moment walking around the mall with these in my hands.




These shoes are so special to I am so happy I have them AGAIN and I can wear them and enjoy them!




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