Saturday, January 16, 2016

01162016 Poor Sick Me

Man...what a crappy week.  Been sick...I worked out on Monday,...didn't even log it...and got sick.

I went in...and tried at around 90%.  I also took a PWO which was probably bad.  I took my usual..MR HYDE...and well...I got through the workout but felt sick after...

CrossFit Linchpin/Pat Sherwood's #brutallyelegant workout!

500m Row
10 x Bench Press @ 225lbs
1000m Row
15 x Bench Press @ 185lbs
1500m Row
20 x Bench Press @ 155lbs

DONE - 20:34

I had to I am typing this I am feeling a tad better. Just a tad.  oh wells...

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