Monday, January 4, 2016

01042015 Monday Night w DT

Who the eff does DT and adds pull ups? I guess we do...sheesh.  I sucked.

3 x 10
Squats, Jumping Jacks and Sit ups
Stretch - static and pvc

250m Row x 4 Rest 30s between each round
DONE: 5;18


D.T. + Pull Ups
5 Rounds For Time
12 x Deadlifts
9 x Hang Cleans
6 x Push Jerks
10 x Pull ups
Rx = 155lbs I scaled L3 = 135lbs
Time cap - 18 min

DNF under time cap - I finished in 19:28

I have to say...I am feeling like I may be getting sick. I was feeling a bit achy but I went in.  I took my pre workout and muddled through. I hope I feel better tomorrow. I am going to sleep early tonight and rest.  Also I am resting tomorrow that should be good.

I think I could of done this better if I was more fresh. As I have complained about this before, it is hard putting in 100% after being in an office all day and rushing home to try and make it to workout. I have to adjust I is tough for sure.

On ward and upward...for sure.

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