Saturday, December 5, 2015

More catch up blogs...missing WODs

Man I keep messing up...and forgetting to log into this with my workouts.  I guess here goes...

12012015 Tuesday

SICK!  I got sick on I stayed home to rest.

12022015 Wednesday

LINDA aka 3 Bars of Death
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of
Bench = Bodyweight
Dead = 1.5 x BW
Clean = .75 of BW

I used 225lbs was my BW...a slight cheat as I think I weight more that that.  My loads were as follows:
Bench 225
Dead 335
Clean 165

I only got to 7.  Meaning I finished 10, 9 and 8.  HORRIBLE.
I just couldn't go on..I was seeing stars as I was laying on the bench.  Horrible.
This just proves I am NOT strong for my weight. Versus my body who is 170lbs and crushed this in 22 mins.  Yeah...lots to work on for sure.

12032015 Thursday
Light Squat
Empty Bar warm ups - good mornings and twists x 10 (2)
Empty Bar x 10 (2)
135 x 10 (2)
185 x 5 (2)
DONE...I felt weak so I stopped...baaaad.

12052015 Saturday
Crossfit Mainsite Wod  - Friday 12/4/2015
3 Rounds For Time
10 x 1 arm power snatch (Left)
10 x 1 arm overhead squat (Left)
10 x strict pull up
10 x 1 arm power snatch (Right)
10 x 1 arm overhead squat (Right)
10 x strict pull up

The Rx is a L Sit pull I had to scale to a strict pull up.  The Intermediate weight was 40lbs...but we dont have that so I went with a 35lb DB.

Finished in was harder than I thought for sure.  Shoulders were on fire!!!

Tomorrow is Sunday Skwaat Day...hope I remember to post that!

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