Monday, December 28, 2015

12282015 Monday WOD

It was a cold cold night in HLP....brrrrr....

3 x 10 - Squat, Lunge, Jumping Jack

Skin the Cat practice


20 minute AMRAP
10 x Push Press @ 115lbs
10 x Kettlebell Swing @ 53lbs
10 x Box Jump @ 24"
as Rx - 7 rounds completed

I was super slow on the box step ups...I knew that was going to be my slow movement. I can go un broken on the Push Press and KBS...the box hurt..and I was slow. Plus I used what we affectionately call the "Doc Box" which is a smidge taller than 24" probably like 26" in yeah I bit harder.

Just a couple more days until 2016!!!

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