Monday, November 2, 2015

Old Dog New Tricks - CF-L1 and CFWL

It has been a weird 2 months.  Since the end of August I have been unemployed.  My last contract ended and I have been on the hunt since.  Few seeds here and there are beginning to sprout here and there and in a strange way I am not stressing too much.  I feel there is something coming my way...something better.  At the same time I have been in a weird "mid life crisis" "self discovery" phase...where I am very interested in learning new things...following some passions and simply expanding my mind and knowledge on things I like...


Anyone that has known me or read this blog for the last 3 years maybe?  Knows I have been doing Crossfit. I dont drink all the kool aid but I admit I do sip it often.  I know some of the Crossfit stuff is stupid and yes even dangerous, but for me personally the benefits of CROSSFIT far outweigh the dangers and other negatives about it.

About 4-5 months ago, I was sitting alone at my computer at work. It was in the morning and I was the first person there.  Office was quiet and I was staring into my computer just bored, sad and feeling very low. There was zero inspiration. I just wanted to go home...just get up and leave.  I have to say I have never felt that way in a long time...but I pretty much at the end of the proverbial rope.  I was tired..burned out. Unhappy.  I thought where would I want to be right now this instant.  Easy...MY BOX.  I wished I was at my gym with the fellas having a massive bro session, lifting and working out some stupid workout we concocted and pushing each other.  That was what I wanted.  I started poking around  and then I thought...hmm....what is this?


"Maybe I can take my Level 1?"

I thought to myself this would be for one else. I wanted this credential and knowledge for me.  I didn't even tell the owner of my box until I passed already.  I kept this secret to myself....

Then on August 30, I passed my LEVEL 1.  I was now and OFFICIAL Crossfit Level 1 trainer.

But I was not done...I started looking around to see what else I was interested in...easy...


Then on October 25, I became a Crossfit Weightlifting Trainer

TWO certifications within 3 months.....I was proud of myself. But most of all I learned A LOT. I learned so much...I dont even know if I can remember everything. I reread my notes often. I have everything in a note book and read and reread every so often.

The owner at my box has even let me lead a couple classes a week. For the month of October I have been running some classes and it is so much fun. I enjoy it so much and it has helped me gain so much confidence and public speaking and vital leadership skills I plan on taking with me to my next job interview and life overall.

It is weird, whenever you hear any fitness or CrossFit stories it is usually a bunch of weight loss and physical transformation...but for me all the workouts and Crossfit community has given me are not even physical.  Sure I have lost and maintained my weight, I know for sure I am stronger, faster and better overall...but these last 2 years at my box I have made some great friends, had some awesome experiences and learn something new each day.

My next goal is to take the Crossfit Powerlifting certification...and just maybe if I find one near me...the 1 day Crossfit Rowing cert. I really enjoy rowing and would love to learn more about it and help others row better and not hate it so much.

We shall see what next year has to offer.  I know I enjoy learning and want to keep learning.

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