Monday, November 30, 2015

11292015 and 11302015 WODs

Man I am really slacking on posts...sheesh. I forget to log in my Sunday Skwaat Day and todays mash.

11292015 Sunday Skwaat Day
Warm Up
Hip Circle
Ankle and Hip banded stretch

Empty Bar - Good Mornings and Twists x 10 for 2
Empty Bar x 10 (2)
135lbs x 10 (2)
185lbs x 5
225lbs x 5
275lbs x 3
*all beltless, just sleeves and oly shoes

315lb w belt for 3 x singles

Oly Snatch Drills
Burgener Warm Up x 2 w PVC
Skill Transfer Exercises x 2 w PVC + 1 w empty bar

High Hang Snatch
Empty bar x 3
65lbs x 3
75lbs x 3
95lbs x 3
115lbs x 3

11302015 Monday Monster Mash

It has been been a minute since we have done the CrossFit Linchpin Monster Mash!!

Here is what I have done...I had to scale of below is what I did personally not what anyone else did.  We all had to modify somewhat...

2 Rounds for Time
200m 70lb Dumbbell carry (2 x 35lbs)
5 x Wall Walks
- Rest 5 Min -
70 x Single Arm Rows (7 x 10 for rope climbs)
20 x Clean and Jerks at 155lbs
30 x Burpee over Bar
40 x Box Jump Overs
50 x Wall Balls @ 20lbs Ball
- Rest 5 Min -
Row for Calories
Power Snatch @ 95lbs
Knees to Chest - last 9 I did Toes 2 Bar

FINISHED - 71:17

Oh man this was tough..ugh.  Like really tough.  But it has been a while since we did an hour long workout.  This was tough but great.  Really happy I did it....

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