Tuesday, October 6, 2015

10062015 Tuesday WOD

Not a good day...I was just too tired to be productive today.

Warm Up
Stretch and Roll
Empty Bar x 10 (2)
135lbs x 10
225lbs x 5 (2)
315lbs x 2  - FAIL

355lbs x 3 - extra bro reps

OH MAN...I was so tired. I was just beat...I could not even complete the reps.  Just like my bench...I have to be fresh next week and try again.

My body is so sore from Sunday and Monday's workouts...I am happy my rest day is tomorrow. I can do nothing tomorrow. Much needed.


Warm Up - 400m w 10 x squats at each corner
3 x 10 of lunges, sit ups, squats

250m Row x 4 in a team
Done is 7:26


300 - 240 - 180 - 120 - 90 x Singles

50 - 40 - 30 x Wall Balls
DNF - 20 min time cap.  Not a good workout...it sucked.

Hoping my rest day will help out for the end of the week...

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