Monday, October 5, 2015

10052015 Monday WOD

Rain Rain Rain in LA!!!

HEAVY BENCH - so I failed bueno

Warm up
Assault Bike Tabata - 1 mile, 35 Cals
Empty Bar x 10 (20
135lbs x 10 (2)
165lbs x 10
225lbs x 5

WORKING SET - 255lbs 5 x 5
UGH!!! So frustrating...but I will say in my defense...I did not have a spot.  So...maybe next week I will have someone there to help me! I can do this! At least I hope so!


3 x of 100m Run + 10 x Squat, Sit Up, Lunges

EMOM 7 min of Squat Cleans @ 65lbs
*I kept it I can keep the "stimulus" and actually try to squat clean. Like really...tried.


AMRAP 20 minutes
400m Run
AMRAP Pull Ups
*I completed 43 pull ups and basically ran 1 mile.  Not bad.  I will also say, I was able to do 30 pull ups by 10. So every time I got on the bar I was able to kip 10.  So now I have a baseline. 10 every time...I have to always do 10.  Not bad...

** was RAINING the whole time we ran!  That was fun and challenging. And most of the class also ran in the rain.  I felt a good sense of community.  We all ran in the rain together.  pretty cool!

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