Thursday, September 17, 2015

09172015 and 09162015 Workouts!

Today is a special special day.  I will get into it later.

WEDNESDAY 9/16 I did a deadlift workout.  Part of my 80/20 program
5 x 5 heavy deads.
Warm up and got to a working set of 335lbs
5 -2 (I did not chalk and the bar slipped!) - 5 -5 -5
*so because I missed the 2nd set I have to do the weight again.  But at least I KNOW I can do the next session I can add the 10lbs and be OK.

THURSDAY 9/17 PR PR PR PR PR PR PR!!!! hatred of running is no secret.  I am just not a runner I hate it I hate it I hate. I just don't like it. I would rather do 3 x strength base workouts then run 1 mile. I just hate it.'s skill was 1 MILE RUN!

Warm Up
250m Row
10 x squat + Plank hold


Previous runs: 8/2014 - over 16 minutes, 5/2015 - 13;10
Previous PR - 6/2015 - 12:16

TODAY'S NEW PR!!!! - 11:26!!!!!

Sooooo Happy Happy Happy!!!

10 min of
3 x Hang Cleans
3 x Front Squats
3 x Burpees
@ L3 = 115lbs

Add 3 reps every round
COMPLETED - 9 + 20

I am a Happy Panda!!!

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