Monday, September 14, 2015

09142015 Monday ANGIE

Angie sucks...this workout is horrible.

I am starting a simple strength program. It is a 4x a week where you do the 3 big lifts.  Lifting heavy 3 days and 4th day light repeats.  Basically this is what I am doing:

SUNDAY - Heavy Squat
MONDAY - Heavy Bench
TUESDAY - Heavy Dead
WEDNESDAY - Rest/Metcon/Oly Tech
THURSDAY - Light Squat, Light Bench 
FRIDAY - Rest/Metcon/Oly Tech
SATURDAY - Rest/Mash/Tech

I squatted alot on Sunday...and today I did bench.

Empty Bar x 10
135lbs x 5 (3)
225lbs x 3

Working Set 5 x 5
DONE - Complete.
**so what this means is next bench day I have to do 10lbs more.  Next bench is 235lbs.  If I can complete that I go another 10lbs and so on and so on.  If I cannot complete the 5th rep on the 5th set, I have to do it again until I can.  If I follow this across my lifts I should be able to raise it significantly within the next year.

Warm Up
20x burpees
400m Run

Front Squat 5 x 5
I only got to 65lbs forcing my front rack. It was horrible...but instead of using my "body builder" grip I tried my best to for the front rack. It was not good.

100 x Pull Ups
100 x Push Ups
100 x Hanging Knee Raises (supposed to be sit ups, but I cramp so I did something harder)
100 x Air Squats
30 min time cap
I DID NOT FINISH...I started with Push Ups and ended with Pull Ups and I only got to 65 Pull Ups at the time cap.

Oh well...what can you do?

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