Thursday, September 10, 2015

09102015 Thursday Heat

2nd day of Los Angeles heat was hot.  I will repeat myself. It is HOT even know as I am typing this at 830PM.

Being "Funemployed" sucks but I am enjoying meeting up with the bros at the box and getting in some good and fun workouts.  Today was another one...

usual WARM UP
Roll, Stretch and Roll some more...

3 Rounds For Time
1 min - Cal Row
1 min - Lunges w 45lbs Plate
1 min - Goblet Squats w 70lb KB
1 min - Pull Ups
1 min - Rest

Total reps - 138

Let me tell you the goblet squats sucked. My lunges sucked too...but the goblet squats killed.  Like killed me.

Then I decided to do some clean and my friend did his workout.
Clean and Jerks @ 155lbs = total 17
1-2-3-4-5-2 (tried for 6 and failed)

It was good. I am happy and lost like 5 lbs in sweat.

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