Friday, August 28, 2015

08282015 Friday Fun

Man...peer pressure is a bitch...especially when you BRO OUT with the fellas.

My plans were to literally go in...Row and practice my double unders and maybe butterfly pull ups. Those plans changed quickly.

5000m  - 23:44
*I wanted to finish sub 20 min...obviously that did not workout.  It was tougher than I thought.  I know if I rowed more and worked on my pace I can do much better.

So that was that...until one guy said hey let's go flip the tire...
I love to flip the LET'S FLIP THE TIRE!!!

This is what stupidness occurs with you get 5 guys staring at a 400lb tire....
10 Rounds of 5 x Flips
 - oh...8 rounds in....we decided to do it for TIME.
Fastest time..10 sec plus some....My Time - 11 seconds 66

Not bad....

after we did that...more ignorance...we decided to -

Flip x 5 + Jump in, Jump out, Jump in, Jump out

I then practice my dubs for  a few minutes...then went home.

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