Thursday, August 27, 2015

08272015 Insane and Stupid WOD

Some people are dumb...Crossfit gets a bad rep for being dumb...sometimes you combine and get the ultimate stupidity.

Today...we tried/did 6 GIRL BENCHMARKS in ONE WORKOUT.

We saw that Josh Bridges did this workout a few months what did we think? Oh let's do this too...STUPID.  Here is the workout along with my modifications....I wont even mention my times. We did 6 workouts and picked them in alphabetical order:

225lb Deadlifts
Handstand Push Ups
*I did mine off a box some on my knees like a lil beeeyotch

Rest 5 min

135lbs Cleans
Ring Dips
*I used banded ring dips

Rest 5 min

95lb Thruster - *I used 75lbs
Pull Ups
*FAIL...I did my 21 Thrusters and had to shut dowm. I couldn't even grab the was terrible. Walked away...

Restart at 45 min (about 10-12 min)

30 x Clean and Jerk @ 135lbs
as Rx

Rest 5 min

30 x Snatch @ 135lbs
*Did not even attempt...

Rest 5 min

150 x Wall Balls @ 20lb
*Did not even attempt...

This was painful...I didn't even finish.  I am tired now...good night.

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