Saturday, August 8, 2015

08082015 Saturday Invictus WOD

Switched things up this morning.  Instead of the usual Monster Mash the bros decided to go with a "cherry picked" Crossfit Invictus workout.  No need to go into how great Invictus is...if you know you know if you them and see all the greatness that comes from that gym.  Plus they are a NIKE sponsored yeah I am biased to them.  SWOOSH FO LIFE YO!!!

Here is what I did today...all alone because everyone bailed on me.  #sadpanda

*I kept a running clock...this will explain the times below....

3 Rounds For Time

10 x Power Snatch @ 115lbs - Rx is 135lbs
20 x Box Jumps @ 24" box

DONE - 10:41

- Rest 5 Min -

3 Rounds For Time

15 x Push Press @ 115lbs - Rx is 135lbs
15 x Knees to Chest  - Rx is Toes 2 Bar

DONE - 22:36

- Rest 5 Min -

For Time
Row 400m

20 x Burpees over Erg
Row 300m

DONE - 35:11

Not bad not bad at all...I am pleased with my finished.  I feel I scaled appropriately where I wouldn't of taken over an hour to finish but at a good pace.  I could of done rx weight...but it would of taken longer..and although I can do Toes 2 Bar I am too slow to do them in a wod.  Hench the knees to chest scale.

Now time for laundry and cleaning the house...and yes...EAT SOME FOOD!!!


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