Wednesday, August 5, 2015

08052015 Wed WOD

Another good workout for your boy...not bad not bad.  Maybe I am on an upswing?  Tonight felt good. It felt really good.

3 x 100m Run + 10 x Squats, Sit Up and Lunges


Front Squat
work to max rep - 225lbs
then 3 x 3 @ 185lbs. I dropped it lower to this weight to get it done. We were running out of time so me and my partner had to bang these out.


Row Cal

DONE - 12:52

Felt good!!!

The goal was under 15....and I was able to achieve that. The burpees was the slowest for me.  The Row was the easiest.  The goal in the row is to achieve 1 cal per pull.  I was able to get that.  The 27 cal was a bit over 1 min...but the rest...21 and down I was able to pull under a minute.

The burpees was the slowest part...period.

Still happy.

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