Saturday, August 1, 2015

08012015 Saturday AM MASH

It was an early day...but a good start to a busy one.

Happy Birthday Party for my nephew Jaxson who is turning 1 this week.  Had to get it in...before the afternoon festivities.

Here is the original mash as intended by Crossfit Linchpin

Of course I had to scale and modify...but I think I did it well today as I was able to keep up with the 2 homies that did it as Rx.  So it was good for me.


21 x Thrusters @ 75lbs
400m run
21 x Pull Ups
21 x Overhead Squats
21 x Pull Ups
400m Run
21 x Thrusters

DONE - 16:41

Rest 5 min

5 Rounds for Time

Ring Dip Hold for 25 sec

3 x Clean and Jerk at 165lbs

DONE 33:10

Rest 5 min


Hang Power Snatch @ 115lbs
26-28" Box Steps (I used the 24" box + a 45lb bumper plate)

DONE - 45:49

Using this scale we all finished around the same time.  Not bad...this workout was brutal...and really taxed everything.  It was tough for sure.  But I feel great now..and ready to start a busy Saturday!

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