Saturday, July 25, 2015

07252015 Saturday Mash and Crossfit Games


No big deal..just me pulling on the 4x fittest man in the world...yeah I just got it like that. Dont be jealous.

My Saturday...and it was good one....

It was hot today...and I was alone. I was hot and I half assed my workout.  Yes shocking I know.

Here is the original Crossfit Linchpin.

And here is what I did...

Strict Pull Up - *lots of no reps...I was pulling but my elbow was buggin me. Not chin over bar.
Handstand Push ups on the box and sometimes on my knees
Power Cleans @ 135lbs - *these actually felt really good and easy. I enjoyed doing these!

- rest 5 min -

2 Rounds For Time
40 x Lunges with Empty Bar behind neck
20 x GHD sit ups

- rest 5 min -
3 Rounds
400m Run
20 x Wall Balls @ 20lbs
10 x Kettle Bell Swings @ 70lbs

I finished the above in 1:06

It was brutal and sucked....

But the best thing about today was AFTER WOD!  I got to go to the 2015 Crossfit Games!!  YAY!

My good friend shared her wrist bands with me and me and my buddy had a good time today. Here are my pics...I have some AWESOME pics that I will treasure...I met some idols I am very happy!

Here is a shot of the Soccer Field in between the chipper..


another shot...check out the ROGUE FITNESS ZEUS Rig...that is a beast.


So the athletes have to flip the Rogue 2.0 PIG...which weights 560? or 520? over 500lbs.  Flip it 100ft then perform 2 x legless rope climbs off ZEUS, then complete 100x or 2 x 50x of unbroken handstand walk. It is friggin watch these guys to it.

Took a shot of one of my fave brands...they had a monster booth..


Now on to the good stuff...I got to meet JAMIE HAGIYA!!!  Local Torrance girl, USC bball player and just a bad ass. She owns Torrance Crossfit, maybe one day I will do a drop in a visit her! I follow her on IG and she was so nice and sweet in person. I was so happy to meet her.  Plus...she is easy on the eyes...much more fun when you have a mini crush on a person too right?  Check out them traps tho! WOOHOO!!!  <3 nbsp="" p="">


Then we wandered over to the KILL CLIFF booth..and the triple was there so we stood in worth it!!!


I know...for those outside of are thinking who the heck are they?  Trust me this pic is GOLD.  Those 3 athletes are the shizzle.

Josh is also a Nike I am biased.  GO NIKE!

Now the one that made my day...sigh....I got to meet and take a pic with...the one and only;...#WCW and all day...JACKIE PEREZ.  OMG...


If you have not already...just GOOGLE her...that is all I have to say.  Let me help you with some pics of her from the internet..and you need to follow her on IG.

nuff said...I was stoked to meet her. My life is complete. LOL!

It was a great day with my Crossfit HighPark homies...all worth it.  AWESOME DAY AT THE GAMES!!!

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