Saturday, July 18, 2015

07182015 Saturday Mash

Another tough one...even with the modest scaling...ugh.

Here is the original Mash as Rx.

Here is what I did...

"DT" scaled
5 Rounds For Time
155lb Dead x 12
155lbs Hang Power Clean x 9
95lb Push Jerk x 6

DONE: 13:45

- rest 5 min -

Run 1.5 miles

DONE: 42:10
1.5 mile run = 21:20

- rest 5 min -

"DT" Scaled
135lb Dead x 12
135lb Hang Power Clean x 9
95lb Push Jerk x 6

DONE: 65:11

I have to still check my ego at the 100% I would of attempted this WOD as Rx all the way through.  But my elbow and left arm are still bugging me. I know I am getting better and gaining my strength back slowly but I am not trying to be a hero and hurt myself further.  I mean lets be real I am not training for the games here...I want to heal 100% and get back to my strength. It is not worth getting hurt again.  So scaling and modifying is what I will do for as long as it takes

I am 4 weeks into taking it slowly but surely. I was told a minimum of 3 weeks but 6-8 weeks is probably safe.

I feel good but my arm bugs sometimes when I try to push too much.

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