Sunday, July 12, 2015

07112015 Jump Ropes and WOD

Busy busy Saturday!

Today was definitely one of gorgeous So Cal days...perfect for a drive out to FONTUCKY! wasnt that bad.  My and my 2 fellow Crossfit friends took a very cool and educational Jump Rope Clinic hosted by Rx Smart Gear!  IMO one of the best jump ropes out there. I love mine...

The class was great and I learned alot. I have alot to practice for sure. I was told what I need to practice is JUMPING HIGHER. The instructor said my only problem is height.  Everything else was on point..which was such an ego and confidence builder.  I know various drills and things I can practice.  Hope I get them soon!

After eating and heading home...I did my usual chores...laundry and cleaning the house.  I went in for a WOD.

I was planning on doing just this first part of the monster Rx but it did not turn out that way...


400m Run
45 x Back Squat @ 115lbs
400m Run
30 x Front Squat @ 115lbs
400m Run
15 x Overhead Squat @ 45lbs (empty bar)


I could of and should of done that workout in under 30.

I did not warm up when I did the 45 squats, it killed my lower on my last 2 runs, I basically walked them...and slow. I know I could of done a lot better.  And the last part...the OHS I was hoping to do it Rx..but I had to go to the empty was too much for my elbow and left arm started to tingle a it was not worth it to push it.

Tomorrow is squat that should be good.  Let's see how that goes.

The road to recovery is slow and frustrating. SUCKS.

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