Friday, July 3, 2015

07032015 Friday Holiday Back does it feel to be out for 5 days and then come back and try to be bad ass?  No good I tells ya...

10 x Squats, Sit Ups, Lunges

Back Squat
15 x 135
10 x 205
5 x 255
10 x 205
15 x 135

Yeah...see that above?  I did that much volume after 5 days of rest...I should of lightened the loads.  But instead I just did it..thinking I was badass...but...

60 x Box Jump Overs (it was a 60 cal row but I cannot row now)
300 x Singles
1200m Run

I go to 400m run..and my back started hurting that I could not run anymore. I could barely walk it in.  it sucked. It was bad...terrible.

I should of went lighter on the backsquat. But I let my ego and ignorance get in the way of finishing this pretty simple wod. I should of done OK on it. Sigh...horrible.

Nothing left to say about this one....

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