Saturday, June 13, 2015

06132015 Saturday MASH

Today was not bad...not bad at all,  2 key points that I will address on the bottom.  But yes good day.

Here is the OG Mash....Crossfit Linchpin

Here is what I did...again this is MY personal scale/modification...obviously dont take what I did as "correct" or not.  Just me and only me...

Power Clean
Front Squat

Push Jerk
@ 165lbs

Done - 12:20

AMRAP 6 min
3 x Burpee Box Jump Over
3 x Strict Pull Up + Banded Ring Dip
3 Rounds completed

For Time:
20 Cal Row
20 Toes to Bar
400m Run
20 Toes to Bar
20 Cal Row

17;08 is my analysis and rant...
first part...the 165 felt OK.  Not great but it felt good. I think I am ready for 185lbs. Maybe I go 175?  The 165 felt good enough that maybe I should of went heavier.  So that is a GREAT feeling.  I am getting STRONGER...I was going to use 155lb...but I happy I went with 165.  Maybe my max clean is better now?  Who knows...but 165 felt surprising GOOD.

Now the 2nd part, I was lollygagging. I was talking and maybe could of gotten an extra round?  I admit maybe I could of done better.

3rd...I surprised TOES TO BAR!!!  I was able to link 5 at a time.  Now full disclosure...they BRO REP and NO REP a few.  I was able to get on that bar and do the motion...I was able to kip my fat ass into the correct motion.  So I can only get I will practice.  Practice!!!

So yeah done and done...not bad.

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