Thursday, May 28, 2015

05282015 Thursday WOD

Came in on my off day...because I knew I was going to miss tomorrow.  Plus I wanted a burner to make me sweat and die..and that is what happened.

I also DNF the workout...aka I DID NOT FINISH.

3 x
100m Run
10 x Squats
10 x Jumping Jacks

500m Row
400m run
 - rest 2 min -
I did it in 12:03


12 Round for Time
12 x Med Ball Cleans @ 25lbs (FireBreather - 20lbs was Rx)
12 x Knees 2 Chest (Rx was Sit ups - so semi Fire Breather!)
20 min Time Cap
Finished 10 Rounds + 4 x Cleans

I felt good and strong for the first 7 rounds. I was killing it...feeling great.  But once the 8th round came in...and it was about 10 min in...I was done. This had nothing to do with the weight of the ball. The ball was light it would of mattered little if I went Rx. It was my "ENGINE" my "WORK CAPACITY" was just not enough. I pooped out and slowed down a lot.

Nothing else I could do...I would of finished in my 25 minutes? Not sure...oh well.

I was dead after drenched in sweat. I was dripping.  Which is what I mission accomplished.  But I did not finish....

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