Saturday, May 23, 2015

05232015 Saturday MASH

This one was tough as usual..but what I enjoyed the most was the intelligence of the WOD.  All 3 parts taxed different parts of your body and mind...pretty cool and pretty smart.

Here is the real deal

Here is what I personally did:

AMRAP for 9 Minutes
15 x Wall Balls @ 20lbs
5 x Power Cleans @ 135lbs
3 x OHS @ 135lbs

I did this pretty much Rx...except I fully admit my OHS was def not to was major bro reppy. But I was able to get through 2 + 20 reps.

9 min rest

AMRAP for 9 minutes
100 x singles
15 cal Row

I finished 4.

9 min rest

AMRAP for 9 minutes
200m Run
5 x Dead @ 225lbs
3 x Strict Pull Up + Banded ring dips

I finished 3.

Man oh man...this one hurt but I liked how smart it was...

Rest tomorrow..and it is MURPH TIME!!!

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