Wednesday, May 6, 2015

05062015 Wednesday WOD

The word of the day is disappointment...can you repeat that kids?  Yeah...

So when I saw tonight's #WOD I was thinking to myself, I should be able to crush this...I know running is my worst thing but...come on...I should be able to knock this out.  Well, I was/am wrong.

3 x
min 1 - 150m Row
min 2 - 10 x Push Up/Squat + 5 burpees
min 3 - 30 sec plank hold


Sit Up Tabata
I get I can do like 10. I think I did 20...for reals and then switched to Russian Twists.  Boohoo...

4 Rounds For Time
15 x BackSquat @ 135lbs (from the floor)
400m Run
16 min time cap
I finished in 18:13


I swear I was UNBROKEN on the to get it done under 35 sec...EVERY SINGLE TIME...yet going around the block messed me up so bad...I was so slow...I ended up not finishing.  I should of been able to do that at or under 15 min.  Even with a slow walk/run...I kept the same pace on my squats throughout...yet still not enough.  Horrible.

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