Sunday, May 3, 2015

05022015 Saturday Mash

Another Saturday Mash,,.here is the original as Rx version...

Monster Mash

here is what I did.  Before I even begin....I am freely admitting this WOD sucked for me.  The reason is pretty obvious...its the first thing I had to do.  HORRIBLE.

I also admit I pretty much BRO REPPED the crap out of this workout. I just wanted to finish at a decent time...and I let good form and standards go out the door. I know I probably only did 85% of this workout...I know that.


1.5 Mile run
50 x sit ups
25 x Deadlifts @ 275lbs
*so I am not even going to talk about the run...lets get past that.
Sit ups were no I always cramp up and can barely finish them.  No good.
BUT...the one SHINING LIGHT...the ONE AWESOME POSSUM I could hang my head on is...
DEADS!!! WOOHOO!!!  At 275lbs I was able to complete 10, 10 and 5....pretty easily.  I was kinda shocked and amazed I was able to go 10 unbroken for my first set.

Rest 10 mins

5 Round for time
15 x Hang Power Snatch @ 75lbs
15 x Overhead Squats @ 75lbs
*here I should of just went home.  There were brutal for me..even at such a light weight.  I was so tired...and depth sucked and the this cluster just sucked for me, I probably cheated so many reps here...I know this.

Rest 7 min

Chest to Bar Pull Ups
Burpee Box Jump Ups
*I did this Rx...but I was so slow...

I am not even going to post my times...let's just say it was an HOUR AND HALF WORKOUT for me...painful and horrible.

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