Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Crossfit People are Like New Parents - an Observation

I have made an observation....#Crossfit people are like #NewParents!!!
The similarities are striking...and I know this because I live it. Obviously...I do Crossfit and about 80% of my friends are pretty much new parents.


1. Crossfitters all talk about crossfit...all day ever day.  New parents talk about their babies/kids all day every day.

2. Crossfitters share pics of their gym and details about their workouts.  New parents share pics of their babies/kids eating sleeping playing and doing their homework and riding a bike and on and on...

3. Crossfitters are in a secret cult that speaks weird lingo and have weird rituals.  SAME THING as new parents.

4. Crossfitters pretty much only hang with other crossfitters.  New parents pretty much only hang with other new parents.

5. Lastly...Crossfitters are SO ANNOYING to non crossfitters...exactly like new parents are DRAINING to non parents...

SEE EXACTLY THE SAME!!!!  Man this needs to be a #buzzfeed listicle...or at least a #FoD Funny or Die skit. I am a #genius.


sandy said...

HAHA. good one..although I was change it to just "parents" vs "new parents". I am still you know, but I am 8 years into the game! HA Cheers Irving! xo

Adam Bernard said...

This is perfect!