Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fool's Day WOD

Happy April Fool's Day!

Today was a decent day...easy workout movement wise...and I was able to make it through. I wasnt gassed with the movement.

400m Run
3 x 10 of Push Up, Sit ups and Jumping Jacks


Bench Press
3 x 2 - 275lbs
2 x 1 - 315lbs
2 x 5 - 225lbs


100 x Squats

21 x Pull Ups
75 x Squats
18 x Pull Ups
50 x Squats
15 x Pull Ups
*the pull ups was supposed to be 7/6/5 of Muscle Ups
so its not Rx...its more like L3.5!

15 min time cap

DONE - 13:50

Not bad...I am happy I finished and did it as I was supposed to.

I can sleep tonight!

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