Saturday, April 25, 2015

04252015 Saturday MASH

Today was great...I really liked this workout. I felt good after.

Per usual here is the official AS RX programmed by Pat Sherwood/Crossfit Linchpin.


here is what I did personally....

HSPU off a box
Overhead Squat @ 115lbs

TIME - 13;46

rest 10

3 Rounds For Time
100 x singles Jumprope
15 x toes 2 bar *I did T2B on the first round...subsequent rounds I did knees to chest
15 x hang power cleans @ 135lbs

TIME - 42;54

rest 10

Deadlifts @ 155lbs
Box jumps @ 24'
Hand Release Push Ups
***I am super happy I did the above as Rx...I knew I could do this portion relatively easy.

DONE - 64:36

not too bad...I am also proud that I scaled accordingly to finish pretty close to the group.  I was able to push on the moves I know I can...and work through my slower movements...even as I scaled.  I really enjoyed this WOD.


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