Monday, April 20, 2015

04202015 Monday WOD

I want to start this blog by saying...

It truly is.  Tonight's workout is proof at least to me.  I failed to finish the workout on time..but my progress was there...I could feel it, I could see it...and I know I am better than I was last month...or even last week.

400m Run
3 x 10 of Squats and Jumping Jacks

Bar Complex
Squat Clean + Hang Clean + Split Jerk
find a comfy max
For me only 115lbs...but simply because same same front rack is not there.  So for me to squat I just hold the bar in front of me...horrible.

Karen (150 wall balls) + Helen

For time:
75 x Wall Balls @ 20lbs
3 rounds of:
400m Run
21 x Kettlebell Swings @ 53lbs
12 x Pull ups
75 x Wall Balls
25 min TIME CAP
I sadly DID NOT 25 min I only got 5 wall balls...

I used to cheat myself with a 16lbs ball. I knew I could do 20lbs but I figured let me skate passed this part of the wod and do other things.  But I decided to try 20lbs for a mash a couple weeks ago..and low and behold it felt OK. The 20lb ball no longer felt do heavy it was going to break my nose...the 10ft target no longer get so tall...I could hit it easily.

I was always good at that was nothing.

Pull Ups..I am slowly perfecting my own style of pull up. It is what seems to be most comfortable for me and me alone. I am positive if someone sees me doing them they would have all kinds of tips and ways to be more efficient.  But I am finding the way I move best and I can link 5-7 pull ups doing it my way...and then be able to finish AS RX.  For I did reps 5-4-3 for my 12.  I could bang out the and do and do 3.  It was perfect for me and I was not gassed out.  I am slowly finding my groove on pull ups....and I can link them without DYING.

So kids...sometimes progress just kicks you in the nuts.  I #DNF the workout tonight but my progress was evident. I felt stronger and able to do movements much easier...ones that were once hard and intimidating.  I was able to do with confidence.

I was still a fat sweaty mess after...but I am learning more about my body every workout.

That is a good thing....

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