Wednesday, April 8, 2015

04082015 Humpday WOD

I love it when I can go 95%  Rx!!! WOOHOOO!

3 x of
min 1 - Row 150m
min 2 - 5 x burpees+10 x burpees+10 sit ups
min 3 - 20 lunges


Max 3 - 305lbs
then drop 75% for max reps - 265lbs x 5
*OK 2 things...first..I was not planning on going HARD or too crazy. I am not going to fry my CNS so late at night when I need to sleep.  No way.  I know better.  Second, for some reason I was feeling gassy. I know it was just gas but it felt like I was going to SHART my I had to take it somewhat easy.

400m Run

15 x Russian KBS @ 53lbs
10 x Strict Pull up

5 x Strict Ring Dip *I used a band but kept is very strict. NO KIP.
DONE - 23:38

Of course..the RUN...slowed me way down. I think I may be faster in pull ups when I do them strict.  It is weird...I may try to rep them out more strict then with a kip.

Anyways...very very very happy I was able to do alot of this WOD as Rx...especially the strict movements.


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