Saturday, March 28, 2015

03282015 Saturday WOD

Ice Cube said it best...

I did 15.5 Crossfit open...

I did horrible...not as well as I wanted.
It took me 20:29 to finish it.

I wanted to cry and I wanted to quit.  But I finished it as Rx.  Ehh...

I then a part B workout...1 part of the #MonsterMash.

20 x Deadlift @ 275lbs - Rx
20 x Front Squat @ 135lbs - Scaled from 185lb
20 x Snatch @ 95lbs - Scaled from 135lb

After I finished the workout I felt better...I feel good now.  I am happy I finished but I wanted to quit like a baby...I was done..finished.  But finished.

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