Saturday, March 21, 2015

03212015 Saturday MASH

Oh man I hate being sick...
I hate being sick and coming back and attempting a mash...ugh.  NO BUENO.

It was a tough least for me.

Here is the ORIGINAL MASH as Rx

Here is what I personally.  My buddies did the workout more complete than I did...but this is my blog so you get to read what I DID.

5 Rounds for Time
6 x Power Cleans @ 155lbs
12 x Banded Ring Dips

Rested 8 min since we did not do the rope climbs

2 Rounds for Time
400m Run
20 x Power Snatch @ 95lbs
*this killed me...I only completed 2 rounds. I couldn't run, I couldn't snatch very well. It was not a good deal. I wanted to quit and go home it was bad...

Rested 8 min again since I skipped a whole round.

2 Rounds for Time
20 x Deadlifts @ 135lbs
20 Cal Row
15 x Front Squat @ 135lbs ---- 95lbs
15 x Shoulder to Overhead @ 135lbs ----- 95lbs

I did the first round but my back was hurting and I was so beat...I just quit.  Then one of my buddies was like DO NOT QUIT...lower the weight and finish.  So...I dropped to 95lbs and finished my front squat and shoulder to overheads. Ugh..

Man being sick really sucks it all out of you.  I swear.  I was so beat....its not like I was on vacation or out and about and just not in the gym.  When you are at home in bed feeling crap you lose a least I did.

I felt bad, I felt like was bad.  But I feel better, plan on squatting and benching tomorrow and hope to get some heavy weights tomorrow.  Yes!

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