Wednesday, March 18, 2015

03182015 Wednesday WOD

2nd full workout...and actually feeling better AFTER my workout.  Finally crushing this cold.

The workout was just OK.

400m Run
stop at each corner and perform 10 x squats and 10 x jumping jacks

Tabata Dubs
completed 11

10 min AMRAP
5 x Shoulder to Overhead
10 x Deadlifts
15 x Box Jumps
as Rx - 115# and 24" box
Completed 4 rounds + 20 reps

It was OK...

Friday Night Lights is next....15.4 Workout

on the positive side I was able to practice my dubs.  Not much better but I was able to practice.  I definitely need to dedicate more time to dubs.  I have to be more serious on dubs.

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