Sunday, March 1, 2015

03012015 Sunday Skwaat Day!

Sunday funday...

Empty bar x 10 - 2 sets
135lbs x 10  - 2 sets
225lbs x 5  - 2 sets

255lbs 4 x 3 (70% of my 1RM Squat)

Power Cleans @ 65% of my 1RM Clean and Jerk 205lbs
4 x 4 @ 135lbs

Push Press @ 70% of my 1RM Clean and Jerk 205lbs
4 x 2
1st - 135lbs  was too light bumped it up
2nd-4th set @ 155lbs

Toes to Bar Practice
Able to link 4 of them!!

They are not pretty or smooth or efficient at all. But practice is practice and it is a work in progress.  Just have  keep at it..and get better and stronger right?

today was a good session.  Very happy!

Awesome way to start the week and prepare for 15.2 the second workout of the Crossfit Open!

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