Saturday, February 28, 2015

02282015 Last Sat of Feb WOD

End of FEB 2015.  Man does time fly I tell ya.  How are we in March tomorrow?  Crazy.

The fellas all met up post 15.1 picked a workout to do.  We didn't really like the mash just middle so we made some edits and added our own.  Here is what I did! *note I scaled...the Rx guys did a slightly "harder" workout.

3 Rounds For Time

9 x Power Cleans @ 115lbs - it was supposed to be a squat I power cleaned.
15 x Push Press @ 115lbs

DONE - 7;46

Rest 7 min

3 Round for Time - the Rx was 5 rounds

12 x Strict Ring Dip w Band
12 x Strict Pull Ups
* some guys did C2B instead and kipped their dips

DONE - 27:36

Rest 7 min

75# Thruster - the guys used 95#

DONE 45:48

This was tough..the burpees kill me. I am super slow and want to just give up...especially with my ugly bro rep thrusters.  No bueno.

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