Saturday, February 21, 2015

02212015 Saturday Mash

Went in with good intentions...oh wells.

Here is the official MONSTER MASH

and what I did...

AMRAP 5 min
7 x Thruster
7 x Pull ups
as Rx - completed 3 + 2 thrusters

rest 5 min

AMRAP 5 min
5 x Deadlift @ 225lbs
5 x Handstand Push ups
as "Rx" -  completed 3
*now I use the term as Rx very loosely. My HSPU were pretty "bro reppy" for sure. I used a wall walk and got my chest to the wall and did like half reps.  I know they sucked...but I tried my best without using a box.  So there.

rest 5 min

AMRAP 5 min
5 x Power Cleans @ 115lbs
50 x singles jumprope
completed 4

rest 5 min

AMRAP 5 min
10 cal row
5 x burpee over rower
as Rx completed 2 + 4 burpees

rest 5 min

AMRAP 5 min
7 x box jumps @ 24"
7 x knees to chest
completed 4 was OK.  Just OK.  5 min is too short for me and I know I rest too much.
I could of and should of done better....sigh.

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