Friday, February 20, 2015

02202014 Happy Friday

4:45AM 2nd time going in before class and getting my #WOD in.  The morning is really tough and I usually LOVE working out in the AM.  I like it..but when I am by myself and I need to do a metcon/cardio workout it is hard doing it alone.  I need the energy of the class and people.  But the opposite is true when I am lifting. I can lift in silence and alone.  Heck some Sundays in Open Box I like the silence and get to have the bars and weights all to myself.

But yeah...waking up this early really really really takes discipline and I am struggling in only 2 workouts.  But I had to get in..I missed this whole week due to horrible traffic driving in from work. My commute now takes an that again AVERAGE of 1.5 hours.  It is brutal.  I am taking a new strategy moving long as I rest 2 days a week I am going to go in whenever I can. If the traffic gods are nice and I get home in time I am going in. I am no longer going to WAIT for a rest day or a workout day. If I am home in time I am going in. I cannot depend on what days and traffic to agree.  I figure I am going to be sporadic in and out of the box moving forward.  Sigh...

1500m Row
nice and slow and steady to warm up.


Movements - cleans and front squats
Empty Bar, 95# and 135# couple reps of each a couple times.

I did yesterday's wod today...

4 x Cleans
4 x Front Squats
4 x Shoulder to Overhead
@ 155lbs = L2
DONE - 9:19

Rx was 205lbs which was way too heavy
L3 was 185lbs and also a tad too heavy

BUT....155lbs was a tad light.  I could of finished faster but I dogged it.  It was early I was tired and did not take any stimulants.  I was afraid of taking any PWO as I did not want to be amped so early.  Maybe I will next time..not sure....but yeah it was light and I could of went heavier.

Now time to get ready for work!!!


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