Friday, February 13, 2015

02132015 Friday the 13 WOD

Happy Friday the 13th!!  spooooky!

This morning I dragged my fat ass to the box....EARLY.  I got there at 445AM and started my #WOD by 5AM.  It was fun!  ugh...not really.  But I may be forced to do this instead now...the commute home kills me.

Double Unders practice - 10 mins


500m x 4 Intervals with 1 min rest


Overhead Squats @ 95lbs

Pull Ups

DONE - 17:42
*I really wanted to finish in 15 min or less.  But the pull ups really slow me down.  I am just slow...I take a long rest to pull off 3 or 5.  Mainly 3 and I fall off the bar.  It sucks and is frustrating.

Now time to get ready for work!

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